Getting a good smile shouldn’t come at a laughable price

Dentist backed, made to order mouthguards for sports, sleep, and teeth whitening. All personalized for you and your jaws.



You grind all day. At work. At the gym. But if you don't stop grinding at night, you're going to grind to a halt. Get fitted for a Grind Guard and get the best sleep of your life.

Treats both grinding and clenching



When you smile big and bright it's scientifically proven to make you and the people around you happier. Get our teeth-whitening Beam Guard and start flashing those pearly whites more than ever.

Brighten your teeth with a personalized tray


Protect 32

Whether on the court, the field, the rink or in the octagon - you give it your all. But the one thing you don't want to leave out there is your teeth. That's why our goal is protect your pearly whites, all 32 of them, so you  can show off that smile after every victory.

Protect your teeth through all the action


How it works

Impress Us

We'll send you an easy-to-use, easy-to-return impression kit. In just 3 minutes you'll be well on your way to having a healthier health hole.

Get Guarded

In no time at all your custom guards will come in the mail. Soon you'll be sleeping better, smiling brighter, and protecting your pearly whites while you throw them 'bos while doing sports!

Ask a Dentist

Yeah, we don't just talk-the-talk. We also floss-the-floss. Our in-house team of certified dentists work closely with us and you to make sure your gross, crooked mouth transforms into one of your best features.

Why we focus on your whole health

The mouth is one of the greatest indicators of overall health. It’s the main entryway to the body, so a clean mouth means a healthier human. Tooth and gum disease can be early signs of other disease. And a smile, or the lack thereof, can be a great indicator of mental health. Not to mention the effect that grinding your jaw and mouth breathing can have on a good night’s sleep.

That’s why at health hole, we believe in giving your oral health a kick in the teeth.

Cleaner teeth for a cleaner you. A brighter smile that you’ll want to flash at every opportunity. A peaceful, rejuvenating sleep, night after night. The protection your mouth deserves during contact sports. All at a price that cuts out the middleman, saving you enough money to really make you smile.

Join us and get a
whole lot healthier.

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Still have questions?

We have answers. You can get the 4-1-1 from a D.D.S. and learn more about how our products promote oral and overall health. Or talk to our customer support team to get the help you need with your products.